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“Helping independent film makers and small businesses make their mark”

BC Production Office (BCPO) is a service company for film professionals and small to medium enterprises that provides tailored solutions for administration, grant applications (such as Telefilm Canada), tax credit applications, tax credit administration and/or project management/coordination. Our specialty is performing the mundane tasks that often steal your attention away from growing your business.

Independent Filmmakers


Sole Proprietor / Small Business Owner

Media Services

You have a dream and that dream involves your film up on the big screen but you have little money and a few friends that can "help you out".


We can help you make more than just another "home movie"



You are a busy Author and you want to focus on your craft, utilizing your time to write your next novel and not focusing on life's distractions.


You are an Artist and want to actually work in your craft, not do another job while dreaming about working in your craft.



You desperately need to focus on growing your business and cannot succeed as you are getting bogged down with the mundane tasks that take away all of your spare time.


We can take those tasks off your hands and leave you free to actually enjoy working in your business.



Your business needs professional media assistance. You have tried to film your sales pitch with your smart phone but it just isn't working.


You need a trained set of professionals, from lights, to camera to sound and editing to help you stand out from the crowd.



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