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The time has come for re-education around the subject of colonized nations, about indigenous people who’s way of life was stripped from them just as their children were ripped away from them and put into residential schools.


The time has come to rediscover the eloquence of the indigenous forms of expression and to capture the history of the indigenous people through their language, song and art, not as the colonizers portrayed it, but as it was lived by the indigenous people.


Colonization was possible because the small few who perpetrated it kept secrets of the murders and torture they inflicted and these secrets have taken over 100 years to discover. The larger population were told and bought into these lies.


We look at the youth of a small West Papuan village, still colonized and oppressed, the peoples’ only cellphone tower strapped to the top of their tallest tree. We speak to Desi who goes to college in the US but returns to West Papua to visit family. We help her to see that the history she has been taught by the settlers in her home country is not her true history.



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