Kate Tait

Maria Dreyfus

Vi Wiens

Kate, Vi and Maria are front line care providers at the Tabor Village long term care home in Abbotsford, BC. In December 2020, Tabor Village became BC’s deadliest outbreak after 25 beloved residents passed away.


Kate is the recently retired Director of Care at Tabor Village.  She was a Registered Nurse with extensive experience caring for vulnerable people around the world, including the United Kingdom and Africa. Kate completed a humanities degree with a BA in Humanities with a major in Recreation and Wellness.  During the outbreak, spent weeks isolated from her family, fighting to protect Tabor residents.


Influenced by the love of her grandparents at an early age, Vi has been a community care provider all her life.  After 23 years serving as a Health Care Assistant at the Menno Place Care Home in BC's Fraser Valley, Vi has been a friend to many Tabor Village residents over the years.  During the pandemic, Vi took on a formal role at the Care Centre facilitating family visits.  During the outbreak, she was at the bedside of many frail seniors with COVID-19.


Maria is a dedicated health care assistant and member of the Hospital Employees Union. Maria cares for the seniors she serves like they are her own family. During the outbreak, Maria worked long hours alongside her colleagues on the COVID-19 front line. In January 2021, Maria shared her experiences with the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health.


For the film, Kate, Vi and Maria speak about the sacrifices of staff to protect residents, the things they did during the outbreak to preserve quality of life for Tabor residents and their own battles with COVID-19.  Their courage, valour and emotional storytelling are inspiring


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