In the 1962 the United Nations under extreme pressure from the US Kennedy administration betrayed another indigenous people. This time it was not the indigenous people of North America, it was the indigenous people of Papua. It has been one of the best kept secrets in the world.


In April 2016 Isaiah Gilson, a young indigenous director from the Yukon in Canada, read a treatment for a feature documentary about the plight of the West Papuan people. Betrayed by the USA, Australia and UN, oppressed by the occupying Indonesian military, resources plundered while a systematic genocide of any dissenting indigenous person asserted sovereignty over either their life or land. The story was far too familiar. A story his family had been living for over two centuries.


Please Pray or West Papua is a spiritual calling for this young man who is compelled to show what colonization does to indigenous people and culture. Only Isaiah, with the help of his mentor, can tell this story properly. He tells the story of his people and the Papuan people in tandem. All the similarities of, colonial, mostly western countries, profiting from the decimation of a defenseless people. Time is running out fast for the Papuan people not to join the ranks of all the colonized cultures including: American indigenous peoples, Australian Aboriginals, Maroi and African peoples.


Can one young man’s voice from Canada stop this genocide.

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