Intelligent life has been detected on another world. In response the world has collaborated on the first interstellar space travel project, although there is a difference of opinion as to what the goals of the mission should be. The agreement between nations is fragile and tethered by common greed amongst the wealthier nations, as there is much to gain from the venture.


BIOS – Blackfellas in Outer Space is about Bella, a lovable larikin, who works as a night security guard in the space craft. The night before the launch he takes his two nephews and niece for tour of the spacecraft, but they fall asleep. The next morning when they wake the whole world is watching. Because the competing international blocs do not trust each other the launch protocols are automated and unstoppable. Through a sequence of comedic misadventure, the space craft launches automatically.


Bella and his family have become the unchosen crew of Earths first contact space mission. Suddenly all the most ignored and marginalized person’s of the Earth have a face and an advocate in the seat of power.


BIOS – Blackfellas in Outer Space explores what happens when the most ignored and excluded in our society suddenly hold the seat of power.


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